Terrabella Shake® Znap


These lightweight, interlocking panels provide a weather-tight barrier. They have a long-life and are non-porous and freeze/thaw resistant. They are walkable and low maintenance and won’t crack, break, burn, curl, split or rot. Decra shingles are coated in a protecting aluminum-zinc alloy and an acrylic priming system, which enhances the adhesion of subsequent coatings – including the basecoat. The basecoat is made in two colors that will blend with the various stone granule coatings, which are next added. An acrylic overglaze is applied as a final coating that gives the granules a semi-gloss appearance. This tough, thin, acrylic finish bonds to the granules and encapsulates them with a coating that enhances the panel’s resistance to physical damage.

Available Substrate(s): Solid Substrate

Fastener(s): Concealed Fastened

Standard Finish(es): Other Finishes

Minimum Slope Requirement: 3:12

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