Terrabella Shake® Znap


Terrabella Shingle Znap stone-coated panels offer a classic look mixed with traditional style, reinforced the strength and durability of steel and Znap system makes it easier to install. Unlike conventional roofs, is lightweight and not split, break or change its appearance over the life of the roof. It is made ​​of a steel core coated Acrylum® which gives greater resistance to corrosion. Complete composition an acrylic layer that seals the stone giving it a glossy finish that also protects you from moisture and UV rays.

Available Substrate(s): Solid Substrate

Fastener(s): Concealed Fastened

Standard Finish(es): Other Finishes

Optional Finish(es): Acrylic Coated Galvalume®

Minimum Slope Requirement: 3:12

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