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You’re inspired to get past the ordinary and onto the extraordinary. To create buildings that matter more and last longer. To design for a Net-Zero energy expenditure and build with materials that minimize environmental impact. To positively impact the people who work and live in and around your buildings. To earn an outstanding professional reputation. To grow and to thrive in your craft. 

Your inspirations – the dreams of architects, contractors, and developers – are transforming our world for the better. 

Your dreams inspire us to innovate with you. To always deliver the highest quality and best value in metal roofing and wall systems. So that you can continue to Be Inspired.


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Be Inspired

New IMPACT Steel Building Solutions

Steel Building Solutions

Metal Sales IMPACT program brings you a powerful, free software tool to allow you to sit down with your customers and help them design their next cold- formed bolt-up steel building from the ground up.

It’s an incredible way to sell –...

AIA Conference June 21-23, 2018, New York City

Metal Sales™ invites you to our booth #1727. Visitors will learn about the wide variety of uses metal panels can offer in architectural projects. Topics will include:

  • How
  • ...